The second family I didn't know I needed!

In the workout community, there is a stigma about Crossfit. For the longest time I believed it. Moving to a town where we didn’t know anyone, I decided to join the Crossfit Gym closest to my house and give it my all. That was probably one of the best decisions I have made. Not only is it a great gym with challenging workouts (both physically and mentally) but it also is an amazing community. The empowerment and encouragement everyone gives is incredible. I’m surrounded by strong, loving, amazing women and I couldn’t be more blessed. The friendships I’ve made and the people who love me even at 5 am, are extraordinary. Thank you Best DAM CrossFit for giving me the second family I didn’t know I needed and now couldn’t imagine my life without.

Jamie Matea

A Small Band of Like-Minded People

I have an inner voice that likes to say mean things like, “I can’t.” Most of the time the voice speaks and I, for the most part, defy. But then along comes a season when circumstances overwhelm and life threatens to drown and the voice becomes a booming echo of fulfilled prophecy. I hit one such season four years ago and knew I needed more pathways in life in which to practice my defiance against the voice. I stumbled across CrossFit at a local gym (Best DAM CrossFit) during this season and recognized a means by which to defy the “can’ts”. It wasn’t overnight. In fact, as I started my journey the “can’ts” were deafening. And then there was community. A small band of like-minded people looking to defy the “can’ts” of life as well. They encouraged me daily, told me stories of their similar struggles, gave me tips and tricks to progressively inch my way forward towards the positive narrative of “I can”. Today I can do most things I set my mind to and for those few things that I can’t – it’s only a matter of time. I have my family at BDCF to thank for that. They have had my back in battle, fought by my side through thick and thin, and poured sweat on the front lines of life. To some it may seem like just exercise, but to me it’s a daily reminder that with the right instruction, encouragement, and motivation, I can do anything. ~Coach Deb

Coach Deb

Changed My Life!

BDCF has quite literally changed my life! The coaches patiently taught me everything about weightlifting and gymnastics movements, from the most beginner basic and scaled version, all the way up to Rx levels. After five years, I’m still learning something new every time I come in and I’m regularly setting new goals. Besides the obvious physical gains I’ve seen, I’m even more thankful for the mental and emotional benefits. My daily WOD has gotten me through the mental trenches during pregnancy, daily life with four kids, and especially the dark days of Covid. I’m daily thankfully for the people who brought CrossFit to Boulder City and the people who continue to keep it going.


CrossFit is for Everyone

For years I thought CrossFit was something outside of my fitness level. Although I played baseball growing up, there was something so barbaric about CrossFit that didn’t seem to fit my image of myself – laying on the floor drenched in sweat after ANOTHER intense workout, slamming down the barbell after a new PR, bloodied hands after tearing on the pull-up rig, and nursing injuries from pushing just a little too hard – it just wasn’t ME.

Somewhat by accident, I quickly learned how powerful a CrossFit community could be. CrossFit has not only improved my physical health, but also my mental health with a community of athletes all ages, shapes and sizes that I never knew existed. Even if you can’t do a single push-up, CrossFit is one of the best places to learn how to be healthy in every facet of life.

Jeff Helvin
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