Mental strength, performance, and leadership are the three things that I cannot stop thinking about. Whether it’s raising my two boys, keeping my marriage strong, or coaching other people, my focus is to do the very best I can in those three categories. My name is Allen Haines and I have lived in Boulder City for 18 years and graduated from BCHS. I’ve been involved in athletics through participation and coaching from a young age. I have an incredible wife and two awesome boys. I just love life and try my best to make the best decisions to get the most enjoyment and fulfillment out of it. Which leads me to how I ended up as a CrossFit instructor…

I walked into Best Dam CrossFit for the first time to support my wife during her spotlight in the 2021 Open. I have seen my fair share of hard work being done in various athletic settings and what I saw going down that night blew me away! The intensity from ALL of the athletes embodied both high performance and mental strength. I immediately knew I needed me some of this! I tried it out and slowly became obsessed. As I became familiar with the movements, I also became familiar with the wide variety of people that come into the gym and it brought out a better version of myself. I always thought I preferred working out alone when I just needed to workout harder, with friends! The community aspect of BDCF makes the tough days a little bit more enjoyable (but not easier!)

My goal as a trainer is to help people bring forth their best performance in the gym so that they can perform their best in life. CrossFit has aided my progress in all facets of my life and I aim to help others do the same.

“Alone, I can go fast; but together, we can go FAR”. -Marshawn Lynch

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