My name is Dean Renholm. I was born and raised right here in Boulder City where I later on met my wife who I have been with for over 16 awesome years. We have two full throttle boys who are always up to something. I have been into fitness type things my entire life. Everything from riding (and stunting) dirt bikes and street bikes, road biking, football, baseball and even some soccer. I would wake up in the early morning and hit the globo gym. I would do nothing but lift weights. It got to be boring and eventually became more of a chore than a workout. I got strong but wasn’t losing any weight and I wasn’t getting any faster. In 2015 I was talking with an old friend who told me about this thing called CrossFit. I gave it a shot and was hooked from the get go. I saw results in my own performance within a few weeks. I had energy I never had before and I was able to put my inhaler down. When I was a kid I was diagnosed with athletic induced asthma (asthma is brought on by exercise) I always had that thing in my pocket ready to go. After constantly training along with a better diet, my lungs became much stronger as did my immune system and I didn’t need it anymore with the exception of every now and then. I was also diagnosed with high cholesterol and was told to take medication for it. I no longer have high cholesterol. CrossFit helps kick disease to the curb. Another great thing about this sport is that everyone, no matter the level, is considered an athlete. I am eager to help athletes move forward with their goals and be able to witness the excitement when they achieve something they never thought possible!

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