My name is Jesseca Renholm, I go by Jes. I am a mom to two perfect boys and have been together with my wonderful husband for over 16 years. I grew up in Boulder City where I also met my husband. I played tons of sports through the Boulder City Rec Center my entire childhood and rode quads, dirt bikes, and sand rails with my family. From 2010-2012 I played indoor soccer and our team won the 2012 championship! I found CrossFit in 2016 and fell in love. I love the competitiveness and even more so, the camaraderie that comes with this sport. I love that it’s constantly varied leaving zero time to be bored of the same ole routine inside the gym. Best of all is watching athletes, both new and seasoned, realize their own strength and see the results that come with that strength. I’ve watched athletes turn their health completely around for the better and some were even able to put down the medication because they no longer needed it (my husband included). I’m so excited to continue to help and encourage athletes to show them that they are capable of anything! Lets go lift!

Thank you,
Jesseca Renholm

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