I walked into BDCF in 2017, having never touched a barbell, kettlebell, wall ball, or dumbbells over 5lbs.  I was a stay-at-home of three, with a background in competitive swim and dance, a little distance running, and a few sprint triathlons. The two things I was missing were camaraderie and strength! I had no idea how to put on muscle and gain strength. My plan was to take one month to “learn crossfit” and then go home and do it on my own. Haha! Whoah! All I learned in that month was how much more there ALWAYS is to learn. I’m still here, years later, with many goals met and many more in my sights. Crossfit has become an integral part of daily life for my whole family! My husband has joined me here, and my kids love coming to the gym and “playing workout” at home. I love the constantly varied movements of crossfit, but I also love that when you look closely you see how connected and similar those movements really are!

As a coach, I love that I have the responsibility to research proper form and cues, scales and warm-ups. It has added a whole new element to my own fitness experience! I also love showing people that with consistency and a little determination, just one hour a day can transform anyone into a proficient and well-rounded athlete. 

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