Hi my name is Paul Nordstrom. I have lived in Boulder City for over 30 years and have been mairried to my wife for 20 years. Together we have 2 teenage daughers and own and operate a locate firearms business. I started crossfit in 2016. I was very hesitant at first but quickly changed my mindset with the friendly atmosphere. With hard work, motivation from the members and coaches I had lost nearly 100 lbs within my first year. I love being able to help and encourage others during workouts and find myself very patient and passionate for helping when it comes to working out. The struggle is real! However I believe with some patience and encouragement anyone can get through a workout no matter how new or seasoned you are. I am always open to new ideas while combining past experiences to provide guidance. I hope to enhance people’s confidence and work ethic to create well rounded individuals in the gym and everyday life activities. I believe a positive attitude is everything.
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