Is CrossFit Right For Me?

“You are as welcome as the flowers in May.”
~Charles Macklin~

“Is CrossFit right for me?” We get this question a lot. And our answer is always the same, “CrossFit is for everyone.” Every sport and event has its extreme, but that’s not the space in which the majority of us live our lives. 99% of us are somewhere in the in between. And CrossFit has a lot of in between. 

Every movement in CrossFit is a building block to more complex movements. As such every movement can also be broken down into a more simple and basic movement. Nothing is unscalable, and everything is possible. We may not all feel the need to master a handstand walk, but the most basic simplistic form of that movement  – getting our bodies up off the floor – is a skill we all need to master. We may not feel the need to deadlift 300 lbs, but we want to know we can carry or at the very least assist our loved ones when they have fallen. 

What makes CrossFit for everyone is that at the core of every movement is real-life daily application. There’s not a lot out there that we’ll need to bicep curl in life, but we love that we can farmer carry most of our groceries into the house in ONE trip! 

Our focus in May will be on the building blocks of our movements. We’ll see a lot of strength building and strict movements that translate to our higher intensity workouts each day.  We’ll be kicking off a new class called “High Scalers” for our beginners and “Silver Striders” for our seniors. If you know someone who may benefit from CrossFit, don’t hesitate to refer them and we’ll get them started off with all the tools and building blocks necessary for succeeding at their functional fitness goals. 

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