What’s Happening in December

“As the year comes to a close, let your goals be not just aspirations but accomplishments waiting to happen.”

Why do we set goals? Why not just show up every day and see what happens? I’ll tell you why. Because potentials don’t just happen. You have to reach for them. Potential is the concept of what one could do, not what one has done.

I set a goal at the beginning of the year. I wanted to deadlift 300 lbs. At the time that number was unrealistic and seemed almost impossible. I knew it would be a stretch. It wasn’t even in the ballpark of my potential. And so I started reaching for bigger numbers. I picked the harder workout, the heavier weight. This morning I had to deadlift out a 10-rep. Everything in me wanted to slack off and take the lower number, my actual number. But something inside of me got a little greedy and I shot for the potential. It was hard and it was heavy. Instead of laugh off my potential and settle for my actual, I made a conscious decision to respect the potential and I won. That’s not going to happen every day. Some days I show up and it’s just not there. Other days I walk in the door with that “Today’s the day!” feeling and nail it.

I hit my goal of 300 lbs. 6 months ago to the day. Today I worked with a potential of 320 lbs. I wouldn’t have come up with that on my own. I don’t think the brain is wired to intentionally pick hard things. We like the path of least resistance. BTWB told me that was my potential and I decided to respect it. This isn’t a brag. This is an exhortation. Respect the potential. And every now and then, when you walk in the door and get that “Today’s the day!” feeling, go for it!

We are closing in on the end of the Kratos cycle with the emphasis being tests of our 1RM Overhead Squat, 3RM Push Press and Front Squat, and our 10RM Deadlift. We will get into some workouts and strength pieces that are meant to prime the system and get it ready to hit some PR’s in the coming weeks. The goal is to have a very good flow and variation of time domains, stimulus, and movement combinations.

The Kratos Strength Cycle is a well-structured program that balances technical development, strength building, and a wide array of conditioning pieces, ranging from varied EMOMs to challenging couplets. It’s an opportunity to work on various aspects of your athleticism while progressively challenging your capabilities. As you approach this cycle, keep in mind that it’s not just about lifting weights and getting a sweat on; it’s about growth, refinement, and enhancing your overall fitness. We look forward to guiding you through this journey as you explore your potential and become a more well-rounded athlete.

PRVN programming includes strength building, metabolic conditioning, accessory work, warm-ups and cool-downs and a variety of scaling options for your elite competitors, athletes levels 1-3, Masters 55+, and travel/hotel variations. There’s something for everyone!

December’s monthly challenge is to follow the December activities calendar from our “Trim the Turkey” WOD. Grab a copy from the gym and get to the Holiday fun! If you want something a little more challenging in the WOD department, take a look at your potential numbers and give them a shot on a day when you’re feeling pretty good – especially when we’re working with percentages. Let’s end 2023 strong!

What to expect:

December ends our 8-week “Kratos Cycle.” 

  • Strength/weightlifting – 10-rep deadlift, 3-rep front squat, 3-rep push press, and 1-rep overhead squat.     
  • Weekly workouts with a focus on targeting a wide array of conditioning pieces, ranging from varied EMOMs to challenging couplets.  
  • Saturday Partner WODs with partner and team workouts. 
  • Family “Lighten Up The New Year” Glow WOD, Saturday, December 30th 10:30-11:30AM

onthly Fitness Challenge – December Activities Calendar & Potentials

All merchandise is 50% off for the month of December. Everything must go! We’d love to grab new gear in the New Year. So pick up some gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Want to gift a monthly membership for the holidays? Email Coach Deb for details at coachdeb@bestdamcrossfit.com

Winter Class Schedule:

M-F 5AM, 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9:30AM morning classes
M- F 3PM, 4PM, 5PM and 6PM afternoon classes
Saturdays 9AM FREE Partner WOD.
Sundays – Closed.


Friday, Dec 22nd – Christmas Party – no afternoon classes.
Christmas Eve (Sunday) – Closed
Christmas Day (Monday) – Closed
New Years Eve (Sunday) – Closed
New Years Day (Monday) – Are you kidding? Get in the gym and get moving! It’s a New Year!

Stay tuned for updates on modified class times as we have several coaches with holiday plans as well.

Drop In Class Rates – $10.

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